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Present your sales- and marketing material digitally and increase interactions with your brand.


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Why choose OmniShare

With OmniShare all your sales and marketing material is always available – Even when you are offline. This means that all your material is always at hand, when you are at sales meetings, tradeshows etc.

With OmniShare you are not dependent on a Wi-Fi our cellular connection. When you need to access your sales and marketing material, you do not have to wait for it to load. Your files are available instantly.

  • The ultimate sales and marketing tool
  • Sharing information
  • All material is always available – Even offline
  • No limitations on document size

About us

At OmniShare we have 15 years of experience developing software, and have been making apps since Apple launched their first iPhone.

Everything is made in Denmark, which insures you a high quality product with an almost geeky sense of detail. We are located in Viborg in the middle of Jutland, but are born global.