Aida is a danish company, designing and producing everything for your dinner table. From glassware, tableware too kitchenware, all designed with focus on functionality and quality.

Today the company is a concept house and is aiming to provide consumers with the highest value for money in table cover such as dinnerware, cutlery and giftware.

You will find aida both at the Danish as well as the foreign market.


aida wanted an app to facilitate the sales and marketing process for the company.


aida has got the OmniShare app to ensure a user-friendly and well-tested app.


With the app it is possible for aida's sales staff to present marketing material to potential clients.

About the solution


With the app it is possible for aida's sales staff to present sales and marketing material via iPads to potential clients.
In this way all work related to marketing and sales is streamlined.

The solution includes:

OmniShare for iOS

Integration to ERP

User-differentiated access

Access to content offline

OmniShare for iOS

We have developed a solution based on our many standard features, to ensure the employees at aida have a user-friendly app that eases day-to-day activities.

The app makes it possible to access all type of product and marketing material.

Aida's OmniShare app is available for iOS.

Integration with ERP system

The solution is integrated with aida’s existing ERP system. This enables employees to create, update and process orders directly through the OmniShare app.

As a result of this, workflows and data processing across sales, marketing, service departments, is now more efficient.

With the automatic synchronization between the app and the ERP system, all information collected through the app will be transferred to the ERP system, minimizing the amount of time wasted transferring this data manually.

User-differentiated access

Aida can set up user-differentiated access, which means that the content only can be seen by authorized users and devices. This ensure senstive information against abuse. 

The feature can also be used as a tool to split up content to make it a lot more manageable for the employees. 

Aida can also send user-defined push messages, and get an overview of the users who need to update their content.

Access all content offline

As an important detail, the employees should not be aware of whether there is a network connection or not. They can access content both offline and online, no matter where they are, or at what time.  

They can collect data in offline mode, and ss soon as the iPad is online, the synchronization will begin.

About the outcome


Aida has a solution that makes their internal workflows and data processing more efficient and time-saving, as these are now automated. This means that the employees save time both on customer visits and at trade fairs, as they have all sales material in one single tool.

To resume, the outcome is related to:

Efficient data flow


More effective sales

Professional appearance

Relaterede cases