At they got a passion for coffee, that permeates their entire approach to it.

Besides developing their own coffee blends, they are suppliers of coffee machines, water dispensers and various accessories for business. has more than 25 years of experience within the business, and their divisions are spread throughout the country.


With nationwide divisions and activities, needed a user-friendly way to link all sales operations together.


The OmniShare app with ERP integration offers a powerful sales tool for product presentation, and data collection on the go.

Outcome saves time on administration, as all data can be accessed directly via OmniShare. The app contains the latest material.

About the solution


We held a meeting about the possibilities with a new website and the OmniShare app, which could solve some of the challenges was facing.

They chose the OmniShare app, which allows employees to access sales and marketing materials online, as well as the possibility of offline availability.

The solution includes among other:

OmniShare for iOS

ERP Integration

Simpel administrations system

Content available offline

OmniShare app for iOS

With nationwide departments and activities, needed a user-friendly way to link all sales operations together.

We worked from the point of our OmniShare app, which collects all relevant data and documents as a whole.

This makes the sales process much easier for the employees, because they can always access and register data while on the move - both online and offline.

Integration with ERP

The OmniShare app is a powerful sales tool for when employees are working outside the office.

Especially when they have to showcase products and solutions for potential customers, who expect a tailor-made solution adapted to their particular needs.

With the user-friendly back-end and full ERP integration, is it easy for the employees to upload both video, audio, images, PDF files etc. in the app.

Then all items can be accessed and displayed directly on the screen, both in online and offline mode.

About the outcome


A great benefit that has gained from investing in the OmniShare app, is that they save their employees for some heavy administration.

The emplyoees always have the app by hand, and because they have the ability to work both online and offline, they can avoid bottlenecks in the process, when they for example have to register customer data, or quickly retrieve/send any sales material to the customer. Everything can be done "on location".

To summarize, the outcome is related to:

More efficient processes

Professional appearence

Updated with latest material

Customer satisfaction

"In 2014, we were contacted by Mysupport, who had an idea of how we could boost our sales both offline and online using website, e-commerce and app.

We quickly realized that it was they we had to work with, and today we are incredibly happy, for the cooperation we have."

Christina Seidelin Petersen Marketing

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