Danmarks Jægerforbund is an organization, that stands for hunting and nature. 

The organization has more than 90.000 members and is working to ensure members' hunting interests, enhance their hunting etics, and the reputation of hunting in general. Furthermore, they convey knowledge and provide interests and services.


Danmarks Jægerforbund wanted to make the internal website more accessible for members.


Today they have a custom app, with features, such as a magazin holder.


The OmniShare app has made the search for specific or personal content user-friendly.

About the solution


Danmarks Jægerforbund and its members has got a custom app, developed to make it easier for members to find and access content,
which before only were available on the website of Danmarks Jægerforbund. 

The solution includes:

Custom app

Login feature

Magazine archive

Content available offline 

Custom app

The solution is the unique OmniShare app which adapted the needs of Danmarks Jægerforbund. They wanted an app made for thier members to easily access information normally limitied to the website. 

Their custom-designed OmniShare solution, is consisting of  various features such as login, offline content and magazine holder.

The app has been developed for Android and Appel.


Since the app and its content is restricted to members only it require a login to access. This is in order to give members a sense of privilege. That might even attract new members.

As a member, you can ake advantage of features like, register  your association memberships, adjust different parameters in the course and event calendar.

These features, within the OmniShare app , make it possible for each member to set the content to appear relevant to each member. 

Magazin holder for all "Magasinet Jæger" 

In the mision to make information and content more accessable to members, Dansk Jægerforbund wished to give the members the option to read the magazin in the app.

The members always have Magasinet Jæger together inside their device, as all magazines are uploaded to the OmniShare app solution, in their full versions.

As a non member it is possible to read a limited version of some of the magazin numbers.

Unique design

The custom app is based on Danmarks Jægerforbund's existing design guide, so the solution blends in with their visual identity. 

Whether the members read from the paper magazin or the app, they will meet the familiar look.

About the outcome


The members of Danmarks Jægerforbund currently have all relevant content and material from the organization's website at their fingertips. Members can, regardless of when and where they are, find content and add various association memberships.

To summarize, the outcome is related to: 

 Easily accessible content

 User-specific content

Uniform appearance

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