Deloitte is the world’s largest audit and counseling center. They make tailored solutions across professional disciplines, locally and globally, and advise companies in "Corporate Finance", taxes and strategy.

Deloitte is known for its polite, skilled and competent advisors and the company structure. We have been able to help them get even sharper in these areas using their new scan app.


Deloitte wanted an app, which could save the employees and costumers time.


With OmniShare, Deloitte has got a tool to scan documents using the camera of the device.


The OmniShare app is a flexible solution, making paperwork manageable and convenient.

About the solution


Deloitte's specific needs ended up in a custom solution for iOS and Andriod with usable features making the paperwork more manageable. 

The solution includes:

Customized solution

Scan documents with smartphone

Integration with existing servers

Document overview

Customized solution

The primarily purpose behind the Deloitte app, was to save time. Save the customers time, in registration of annexes and receipts. The employees save time in administration.

Deloitte has got a customized solution which contains valuable features regarding to meet the specific needs. 

Integration with Deloitte's existing servers

The solution is integrated with Deloitte's existing internal system. In this way the employees can access all material from one their device.

The integration feature is helps save time, because everything is in one place, using only one system. 

The OmniShare app communicate with the servers existing servers, and make sure everything works and proper updated. 

Scan documents with smartphone

Deliotte has got a tool for which, the customers by their login, can use the camera of their device, to scan documents and annexes.

Afterwards, the image will be synchronized with Deloitte’s server, so it is easy and convenient to access material belonging to a specific customer-case.

No more waste of paper or time.

Overview of submittet and waiting documents

The OmniShare app offer a clean and user-friendly overview of uploaded documents.

Instead of collecting documents in paper folders, both customers and employees at Deloitte have everything they need within the app.

About the outcome


The app is an easy and flexible administration solution, which makes paperwork manageable and convenient, since it is no longer necessary to sort and archive annexes in folders. The annexes are stored electronically, thus they always are accessible.  

This means that the employees do not have to worry about e-mails and printed material, since they can access all relevant data from the app.

To resume, the outcome is related to:

Easy and flexible 

Time-and money-efficient

Employee and customer tool

All in one place

"We contacted OmniShare and told them about our app-idea. OmniShare was quick to catch the idea and even come up with constructive suggestions for changes that made the idea even more complete.

We have been well treated and have experienced OmniShare as a professional and competent partner."

Louise Bondgaard Godsk Accountant

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