The Danish concern F&H of Scandinavia is Scandinavia’s largest wholesaler of products for kitchen, dining and living. 

They have more than 200 employees in the Nordic region and China and offers more than 30 brands and 8.000 products. Jamie Oliver, Piet Hein, Södahl, Kähler  is among the brands together with several others.



F&H of Scandinavia wanted to simplify, and streamline the process of registering products and changes in orders.  



For F&H we developed a custom solution, which optimizes workflows related to updates and mangement of the large product catalogue.



The OmniShare app saves F&H of Scandinavia from time-consuming task and made the process of handling ordres more efficient.   

About the solution


Together with F&H of Scandinavia, we developed a custom OmniShare solution that makes all processes and work related to their product catalog much more efficient.

The solution includes:

Custom app for iOS

Built in barcode scanner

ERP integration

Access content offline

Custom app for iOS

Due to the comprehensive work task it is to elaborate their printed catalog, F&H of Scandinavia wanted to digitalize it. They wanted to simplify and streamline the process of registering products and making changes.  

We have developed an app solution for iOS from where the employees of F&H of Scandinavia and their customers can access all type of product information.

The solution is available for iOS.

Integration with barcode scanner

The app is more than just a product catalog. Now the customers can order products directly from the app, as well they can scan and save products to a favorite list.

These lists will be generated as PDF files and can be send to their inbox.


Integration with ERP system

The solution is integrated with the existing ERP system, which results in a more optimized order process.

Customers can fill in and order directly in the app, which is synchronized with the ERP system. In this way the sales flow is optimized and more effective, both for the customers and the sellers.

The integration also enables to setup user differentiated access, so F&H of Scandinavia can define which products each customer is exposed to.

Access content offline

As an important detail, the employees should not be aware of whether there is a network connection or not. They can access content both offline and online no matter where they are at what time.

When the app is back on a network connection, it will automatically synchronize the changes.

About the outcome


As mentioned the overall purpose with the OmniShare solution was to save time and money.. Further, F&H of Scandinavia now offers a more flexible and effective ordering process to their customers since they can scan and place an order using one tool.

To resume, the outcome is related to:

A time- and money-efficient tool

Increased customer service

Flexible and efficient order process

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