The research unit at Rockwool Fonden, collects and produces new knowledge in the societal challenges, in Denmark. Labor relations and functions in the welfare society are some of the primary focus areas.

The research unit uses both qualitative and quantitative process, that requier questionnaires, interviews etc. in their search of data.


Analizing data is a long and time-consuming process. Rockwool Fonden wanted a solution which could be more time-efficient.


Rockwool Fonden has got a custom app, registring the respondent’s activities and saves the information in a database.


They now has a tool, which makes the data collection and the analysis process a lot more user-friendly and time-efficient.

About the solution


We have developed a custom made app solution for the Rockwool Fond, that register the respondent’s activities and saves this information in a database.

The solution includes:

Custom app

Access content offline

Integrated with analysis systems

Custom app

Rockwool Fonden wanted a smarter way to collect and process in order to keep track of all research data. With that in mind, we have developed a custom OmniShare app solution.

The research unit had specific needs, therefore we develop a custom app. This way the respondents receive a unique user login, where the data belonging to the given investigation is loaded into.

Access content offline

The collected data is stored offline, on the local device. This way respondent  can anwaser surveys without a network connection.

All answers are stored offline until the device is online, then the data will automatically, be synchronized to the central database.

Synchronization with analysis systems

Asa feature the OmniShare app work integrated with the exsiting analysis system. The collected data can be exported to the research unit’s own analysis system. 

All the collected data will automatically be uploaded to the server. which secure data and make the app more user-friendly for both espondents, collectors and analysts.

About the outcome


Rockwool Fonden now has a tool, which makes the data collection and analysis process more user-friendly and time-efficient. 
Due to the integration between the custom made app and an existing analysis systems, all data is collected in the app, so it is easier to handle. 

The solution is a valuable tool to the respondents too. The respondents will be meet by a simple and clear design in terms of structure and navigation.

To resume, the outcome is related to:

Overall time savings

Better data management

Satisfied respondents

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