TRESU Group is a Danish company, that is specialzed in flexible, customized solutions of flexo printing machines and ancillary products for flexo, digital and offset printing to the graphic industry.

TRESU Group has production in Denmark and the US, sales companies in Germany, Italy, Japan and China, and an international agency network provides local support and know-how.


TRESU Group wished to be able to access sales and marketing material and collect customer data easily with a clever sales tool. 


 The OmniShare app collects all data and transfers this to the existing CRM- and SAP systems, thanks to custom integration.


With OmniShare Tresu Group have achieved more efficient workflows and increased sales thanks to CRM and SAP integration.

About the solution


TRESU Group have activities all over the world and they wished to be able to access relevant material and collect customer data, wherever their employees operate.

The OmniShare app allows sales and marketing employess to collect customer and orderdata during customer visits. With a custom integration to existing CRM- and SAP systems, this data is automatically syncronized, when the device is online.

The solution includes:

OmniShare for all platforms


CRM and SAP integration


Business card upload


Offline access to content

OmniShare available for all platforms

The OmniShare app has been developed and designed to all platforms. This makes it more accessable for users.

The solution offers user differentad access. This feature allows TRESU Group to decide which content there needs to be accessible for each user. Then each user only have to relate to relevant data.

Within the app it is possible to upload and view different type of content, such as pdf. photo, video, sound etc.

Integration with CRM and SAP

In order to streamline the work- and dataflow at TRESU Group, we have integrated the OmniShare app with existing CRM and SAP systems.

This means that the three systems are connected and communicate back and forth. Data input will automatically transfer from one system to the another. If the OmniShare app happens to be offline, data is stored locally and automatically syncronized, when the device is online.

To be more specific, SAP transfer customer data to the app and the app, transfer order data back. This ensure a minumum of entries, since it is enough to do it in one of the three systems.

Business card upload

By using the OmniShare app employees at TRESU Group can fill out orders where ever they might be, out at customer visits or at trade fairs. 

The app, generates automatically a conformation mail for both parties. It is even possible to use the kamera of the device to take a photo of a business card. This will get attached to the order.

This feature meet the known challenges with loose business cards.

Offline access to content

Since TRESU Group operates all around, they wanted a solution, that secure them from bad or none network connection.

When syncroniced, all data will be available even when the device is offline.

When at meeting or trade fairs, the app collect and save the input and send it to the SAP and CRM system, which will generated e.g. orders or updates from the service technician.

About the outcome


This app solution has made it much faster and far more efficient to complete the entire sales process because the sellers have all the relevant resources at their fingertips. With the solution, the sellers avoid having to go around the office, as all actions can be done while they are sitting at the customer. This means that more time is released for the individual customer or time for more customers per. week.

To summarize, the outcome is related to:


Time saving


 More efficient 


Everything in one place

Better service

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