We offer 3 plans that meet most businesses needs in different ways. Wheter you want a ready-to-go solution with Business or Pro, or you want to customize your OmniShare app with Enterprise, we got you covered.


 Included     Not included    Custom

  Business Pro Enterprise
Setup Free setup Free setup Contact us
Monthly price pr user
28€ / 25£ 35€ / 31£ Contact us
Number of devices pr user
3 devices 3 devices Contact us
Free trial - 1 month Sign up Sign up Sign up


Free design-templates
Use one of our design-templates – just add your own logo
Design your unique app - use your own logo, colors etc
Make it your own – custom design
One of our designers will help you make your own design template
1345€ / 1200£  1345€ / 1200£

CMS features

Easy to use CMS
Manage and distribute your content
Content upload and management
Upload and organize your content
The app is compatible with the following file types
PDF Microsoft Word  Microsoft Powerpoint  Video (mp4) Sound (mp3) 
Cloud services
Omnihare is compatible with the following cloud services
Google Drive One Drive Dropbox Gmail Office 365 
Link to online and offline web-content directly in the app
Distribute content to all mobile devices
Update content in real time
Personal content for each user
Content targeted each user
Mark and send material
Mark customer-specific content and send via mail
Take notes in PDF
FormsCreate and distribute contact forms for lead generation
Export contact data
Export data to external systems
Search content
Access content online and offline on all devices
Cross-platform compatibility
Use the native app or via your favorite browser


Notification center
Send messages to all users
Send user specific push messages

Platform & security

Shared platform
You will have a shared platform
Dedicated Platform
You will have your own platform
Content Delivery network (CDN)Fast and stable syncronization world wide through Azure CDN
Simple user management
Add and manage users and groups
Differentiate your content
Distribute content to specific users and groups
Hosting - Storage 15 GB
Shared cloud hosting
50 GB
Shared cloud hosting
100 GB
Dedicated cloud hosting
Additional storage 50 € / 45 £
pr. 10 gb a month
50 € / 45 £
pr. 10 gb a month
50 € / 45 £
pr. 10 gb a month
Encrypted content
All content is encrypted due to security


Navigation statistics
See how users navigate in your app
35€ / 30£
User statistics
See how individual users use the app 
Statistics on received mails


Integration-service (api & webservice)
Current custom-integrations
Economics, C5, Navision, Axapta, SAP, SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint, Perfion, Outlook, Gmail


Android tablet
Android phone
Windows tablet
Windows PC
Web version


Supported languages, app
English, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Finnish, Japanese, Russian
Supported languages, backend
English, Danish, German (coming up)
Supported languages, support
English, Danish, German (coming up)

Support and training

Free support via phone and mail
1 hour a month
Within opening hours
2 hours a month
Within opening hours
3 hours a month
Response time
Response time on support tickets within
24 hours 8 hours 2 hours
Introduction and walkthrough of features
335€ / 300£
Via Skype or phone
Included in price
Via Skype or phone
Physical masterclass
On location


Do you have questions?

Kristian Kristensen
CSO / Partner

+45 71 99 33 21